Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fabricating the Grill Body, pt.2

So now I've got all my sheets set up-- it's time to start welding.

I stand the two curved sides against the end piece and mark off where it needs to be cut. As you could tell from my last post, my bends came out badly and I had to wrangle them into shape by hand. Now they're more than a little irregular, so it's important that I cut to how they actually are, not some mathematical ideal.

I made a rough cut on the band saw, but I didn't go all the way to the line. I'm not good enough yet. Our saw is kind of old and beat up, so it doesn't track very well. I'll get it exactly right with a pedestal grinder.

Lookin' good... by the way, that white line was drawn incorrectly. The real line I was using was scratched in with a marking tool, so it didn't show on camera.

One end tacked on. It's surprising how strong those little spots of weld are! Before I attach the bottom piece, I need to cut a hole for ash disposal purposes. It's a pain in the neck to cut sheet once it's welded into a shape, so I decided to bust out the plasma cutter.

A four inch square hole, ready for me to weld a tube and ash box later on.

The whole thing minus one side. I wanted to put this much together before I cut the other side piece, to account for any variation from the plan. It worked out well.

Every seam fully welded. They're kind of ugly welds, but once I grind everything down, it will look fine.


Anonymous dids said...

How thick is the steel sheet you used and how much do you estimate the finished grill will weigh?

What are the letters that were written on the steel (you can see them insde the welded body)?

How long are your shop sessions? You seem to get a lot of work done in them. Do you have production targets each session or just take it as far as you can every day?

8:12 AM  

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