Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 Forward, Two Back

So this is where I'm at right now: I need to hinge the lid to the grill body.:

Easier said than done. When I tried to align them, I realized that both had warped significantly because of the heat from welding. It would be impossible to make them line up; the gaps were over 1/8" in some places. Unacceptable. So I figured I would make an overhanging lip from angle irons, to hide the gap and make a (mostly) airtight seal.

Something like this.

This is what it would look like, not actually welded yet. There are still gaps, but they're smaller, and it looks much more professional.

It was not to be though. I tacked the lip and everything was gravy. (Tacking means welding a few tiny spots, just enough to hold the pieces in place. Then you go back through and weld the whole seam.) However, after laying down the full weld, I realized the tacks had BROKEN and there was a big ol' gap between the lip and the lid. Once again I underestimated warpage. The weld is too strong now; there is no way for me to break off the lip without destroying the lid itself. I will now have to go back and build ANOTHER lid. *sigh*... It'll take a lot of work to finish this on time. I will attempt to get back to where I was in one day, and then get the hinge built. Next time...


Anonymous dids said...

I know this must have been a setback, but I have to admire your resourcefulness and tenacity. I'm sure you will figure out how to minimize the warp next time around.

7:30 PM  
Blogger John B said...

To minimize the warp you should try and move around the piece when you weld it. What I mean is, say weld about six inches in one spot. Then move to the other side and weld six or so inches. Then move somewhere else and so on and so on. That way all your heat won't be concentrated in one spot.

6:25 PM  

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