Saturday, September 15, 2007


Well, I'm finally done. Almost.

I got some hinges to work with.

I didn't think far enough ahead to drill holes before I formed the grill body. I have to use a hand drill because it's too big to fit on the drill press.

Lookin' good. I shelled out for chrome plated "acorn nuts". It's the little bling touch that I need.

I picked up these lawnmower wheels too.

I'm putting the wheels on one end of the grill, and these legs on the other.

Holes drilled in some more scrap tube, for mounting the wheels.


I had planned to put one handle on the front, but after looking at some other big grills I decided it would be better to have one on either side of the lid.

Like this...

I'm getting pretty good at those inside corner welds.

Next, I make these rods to hold up the side table.

Like most major parts on the grill, they're removable.

So I've got them installed, and they work... but there's nothing to keep the rods from flopping around when the table isn't in use.

I thought about this problem a lot and came up with a solution that's not exactly elegant, but it works. I weld a bolt to the cross-brace underneath the table. I then weld some flat bar to the nut. It clamps the rods down pretty securely, without going into something to complicated.

Plenty of room for value size packs of meat and BBQ sauce.

I make this piece to keep the lid from opening all the way back...

... and realize that it's just big enough to hit the bolts that hold the grill body to the frame. It won't work if it's any smaller, so it looks like I'm out of luck. Some chains will do the trick instead.

So here are all my parts, sandblasted and ready for some paint!

And the finished product! I used Rust-Oleum High Heat Black for anything that gets hot, and regular blue enamel for the rest. I gotta say... it looks great.

And a brief shot of me with the grill, before it begins its long career at cookouts!


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