Saturday, September 15, 2007

Frame finished, Second grate, Vent lid

I surreptitiously stepped in the shop without a camera one day and finished welding the frame. You didn't miss much, but here it is in all its glory:

It's solid.

I want to attach a hefty round tube handle to the frame, and I will use these pieces of flat bar to do that. But first, I want to round them off on one end for aesthetic reasons. I'm using these vice grips so I can grind them both equally.

The finished product.

It will look like this...

Now I need to attach the handle to the frame. I grind down the inside corner of the end pieces, so the weld will have a gap to fill. This also means I can get away with no weld on the outside edge, so it will look nicer.


Next item on the list: a second grate to hold the charcoal a couple of inches above the grill bottom. I could make this the same way I made the first grill, but that took a while. I decide to use this prefab heavy duty mesh:

It would be bad for the top grate, because I want grill lines on my food, not grill diamonds. But with a couple of angle irons welded on the ends for strength, it will be fine for holding charcoal.

First I shape some handles to attach to the ends...

And attach them to the angle irons...

And weld the whole thing together.

I attach some tabs on the inside of the bowl to hold it up...

...and they work.

Now, something I've been putting off: this ugly hole in the top of my lid. If you recall, I cut it out after failing to do a Weber-style rotating disc vent. Now it's time to deal with it.

I decide that I want a simple sliding door to cover or open the vent. It will be held on with a frame that is not easily described with words, so I will show you instead:
I start with two strips of thin gage, cold-rolled sheet steel.

I spot weld the two strips together, with a 1/2" overlap and 1/4" hanging off either end. The overhang will hold down the vent door, but let it slide back and forth.

I cut it into four strips with 45 degree angles, to make a square bracket.

And here it is, ready for a door. I can't attach this yet- I need to make and paint the door first.

That's all for now folks- next I will build an ash catcher, and the tool and charcoal cabinets.


Anonymous sanz said...

Looks like she's starting to come together. I'm impressed with your metalworking skills and creativity with the design. The final product ought to be pretty badass. I still cant conceptualize how that vent will work, but Ill find out soon enough. It sure looks cool with those spot welds though.

One love

7:50 PM  
Anonymous dids said...

Wow, you've gone turbo on this thing. It's very interesting to see you work through these challenges.

How do you hold the surfaces in contact when doing a horizontal weld like the handle to the frame?

Do you need ventilation under the charcoal grate to provide oxygen when grilling w/the lid closed?

8:29 PM  
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